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Fitness Shoot with Francesca

Monday past, I travelled up to Aberdeen to shoot something a bit different to my usual kind of thing. Francesca is currently in the middle of training for a bodybuilding and fitness competition and we thought it'd be interesting to get some shots of her progress so far. It was nice to try out some different techniques too.

Take a look!

All images are © Gavin Craigie.


A few months ago I was contacted by Scottish band FOREIGNFOX to shoot some new things for them.

The brief was to capture it moody, dark, and gritty [insert joke about Fife], and a few locations between North Queensferry and Braefoot Bay. On the day the weather was quite temperamental which only helped to get the mood right. 

Anyway, here's what was shot on the day!

All images are © Gavin Craigie.