Fishing // Arbroath Cliffs

Last month, a couple friends and I decided to take advantage of the semi-Indian summer and head up the coast to the cliffs at Arbroath, in the vain attempt to catch some fish... or anything that dared to bite.

Whilst my friends took their fishing rods, bait, boxes and other equipment, I took with me my Nikon D600 and Mamiya 645 1000s medium format film camera (which I've still to get processed and scanned).  

The Cliffs.

We clambered down the steep cliff-side, determined not to slip up, and made camp at the foot of it as the waves crashed in. The sea spray was in the air and the weather was perfect; we were keen for something to bite as we cast out.

We did catch something unbelievably huge but it unfortunately got away... 

All images are © Gavin Craigie.